photos in ‘structure’ theme

promises much but delivers poorly for the neophyte.
setting the ‘featured image’ does not have an obvious method – and the only way that we know it is available is the blank spot on the home page view.
instructions are available via theme view and support link, but the pitfalls have not been explained…
when setting the featured image from inside a post, it seems to take over the post as well – hence i have two similar images, one is the featured image spot, the other, just below in the post slot. these must be different. in fact, the post image should be shown, but is not…
… and now, checking on the look of the post, it seems that one must actually have an image selected as ‘featured’ for each post, otherwise there is a blank spot in the header-mid/lower-header area area.
[i’ll add an image to this post later for experimental purposes, but i’m just about to give up on ‘structure’ as a viable theme for the new-user]

3 Responses to “photos in ‘structure’ theme”
  1. cyn says:

    OK, so i’m going to add an image to the comments and see whether allows this – should do if i am the admin and am ‘replying’ to my own posts…

    recycled railway station nsw

  2. SIYA says:

    Hi There, I’m trying to add a featured image on the Structure Theme ( and I can’t seem to get it to work even with following the instructions. Any advice?

    • cyn says:

      hi there siya,

      i’ll visit your site and have a look first.
      this site here is powered entirely by WP, but i think your site might be self-hosted by the looks of the URL? ah, wait, no. your real website address is OK.
      there are differences in the ways you can wrangle different themes form the dashboard, and so far i have not used ‘structure’ in a self-hosted venue.

      [since you ask an interesting question, i might go try it on my other WP testbed

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