photos in ‘structure’ theme

promises much but delivers poorly for the neophyte. setting the ‘featured image’ does not have an obvious method – and the only way that we know it is available is the blank spot on the home page view. instructions are available via theme view and support link, but the pitfalls have not been explained… when … Continue reading

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photos in twenty ten posts

so, i’m only going to upload a photo to the basic twenty-ten theme. only to see how it looks, and how it arranges it without any tweaking on my part. except – i might try giving it a title…

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test post for quickpress

the only way to find out about something online is to take part in it, so, rather than reading what quickpress does or where quickpress will take me, i respond to the invitation in the menubar on this new installation of wordpress. …the menubar – now that’s new: is this the menubar i’ve been hearing … Continue reading

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